The Perfect Brunch to Thank Your Mom – Italian Style!

Just as we do in the U.S., Italy celebrates Mother’s Day, or “La Festa della Mamma,” on the second Sunday of May. Italian mothers are typically the central focus of the family, bringing everyone together to enjoy each other’s company over a delicious meal and good conversation. Mother’s Day is a chance to thank your mother for all she does for the family and give her a well-deserved break from meal preparation!

Mother’s Day has certainly been commercialized in the U.S. over the years; however, Italian families tend to keep this special holiday very simple. Families traditionally gather together to celebrate their mothers and thank them for the things they do every day. If you’re planning to celebrate Mother’s Day the Italian way this year, here are some ideas to make a delicious brunch that will surely get your mom’s seal of approval.

In Italy, families usually make breakfast for their mothers on this special day, and the meal isn’t complete without a freshly brewed cup of coffee. A cappuccino is a traditional Italian breakfast coffee, which may be considered a meal in itself due to its concoction of espresso, steamed milk, and foamed milk. If you’re looking for something less sweet, go for a caffè latte, which is espresso with more steamed milk and less foam.

Pastries: The Perfect Pairing
Nothing complements your mamma’s morning coffee like a sweet and satisfying pastry or baked good. Biscotti are small, crunchy cookies that can be dipped in her morning coffee or tea and balance well with strong espresso. Fette biscottate are another Italian baked good that can have a sweet or buttery taste, depending on they’re prepared. They are very similar to brioche and pair well with jam.

Add American Flair
While Mother’s Day brunch usually involves nothing more than coffee and pastries in Italy, you can go above and beyond for your mom if you so choose! Sticking to the Italian theme, you can make panini for everyone to enjoy. These press-grilled sandwiches can include just about any type of cheese and meat combination and are usually made with baguettes, ciabatta, or michetta bread. You could also bake an Italian brunch torte, which is a hearty layered breakfast bake consisting of eggs, cold cuts, spinach, and mushrooms.

Shop with Us for Your Mother’s Day Brunch
Whether you’ve decided to keep things simple or go all-out for Mother’s Day brunch this year, Doris Italian Market & Bakery has five locations for you to get all the ingredients you need to celebrate and thank your mom for all she does. As always, if you have any questions or you’re looking for suggestions, feel free to ask any of our friendly staff members!

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