La Monica Sliced Conch Petite Scungilli 6 oz.



Scungilli is a large mollusk with spiral shells, found along the Italian shoreline. Out of the can, LaMonica Scungilli is delicious in a salad with sun-dried tomatoes, olives, and capers. Simmered in marinara sauce, hot tomato sauce or wine sauce, Scungilli is great over pasta or risotto. If you are looking to fry cook a meal, Scungilli tastes delicious when applied with batter.Depending on the Italian meal you are creating, LaMonica Scungilli can be consumed with both hot and cold meals. Finely chopped, these LaMonica canned Scungilli are perfect for conch fritters. Scungilli is ready to eat from the can making it an easy dinner favorite (rinse before use).