Doris’ Italian Recipes

What is on your menu tonight? Are you in the mood for a mouth-watering Italian roasted leg of lamb with chestnuts? Or maybe you would prefer a tasty tomato, olive & scallion pizza? Lucky for you, Doris’ Italian Market & Bakery has you covered. From fresh seafood, to pizza, to desserts and more, we’ve compiled our favorite Italian recipes so you can pick up your ingredients in store and make these delicious dishes in the comfort of your very own home. Because nothing beats an Italian meal the entire family will enjoy!

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Italian Beef Recipes

Are you in the mood for a succulent pan-fried steak, served with broccoli florets and potato wedges? Or perhaps you fancy the more traditional spaghetti and homemade meatballs. Whatever beef dish may be on your mind, we have everything you need to make it tonight. Take a look through our personal favorite Italian beef recipes and choose the dish that speaks to you.

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Italian Chicken Recipes

Italians love to incorporate chicken into our pastas, bakes, even our pizza! And it is easy to see why. Chicken can be boiled, baked, cooked and fried in countless ways to create thousands of delectable dishes, from succulent stuffed breasts to creamy pasta creations. Check out Doris’ favorite chicken-based recipes, and grab a little inspiration for family dinner tonight.

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Italian Lamb Recipes

Doris has perfected the art of Italian lamb – and now we want to share our most cherished Italian lamb recipes with you. Roasted in chestnuts, or cooked into a stew with vegetables, we know you will enjoy these authentic Italian recipes just as much as we do. Perfect for a bustling holiday dinner or a quiet everyday evening, you’ll lick your chops waiting for these dishes to be plated.

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Italian Dessert Recipes

Is a meal really complete without dessert? We don’t think so. With Italian delicacies like the classic tiramisu, Italian cannoli, panna cotta, and almond biscotti all waiting to be prepared and devoured, there is no reason to skip out on Doris’ favorite mouth-watering sweets and treats. Check out our favorite Italian dessert recipes that you simply have to savor.

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Italian Vegetable Recipes

Selected your main dish, but unsure of what sides to pair it with? Add a healthy helping of veggies to your feast to complete any Italian cuisine. Feed the whole family with these colorful and nutritious side dishes. Whether you’re on the hunt for an Italian side salad, or a more filling zucchini with ricotta, these recipes will team well with a beef, poultry, fish, or pasta main course.

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Italian Fish Recipes

There is nothing as light yet equally satisfying as Italian seafood and fish recipes. From our own special clam bake, to lemon butter lobster tails, Doris’ Italian fish recipes are sure to make your whole family’s tummies happy. Take a look through a few of our favorite fish-based dishes, and stop by Doris’ Italian Market & Bakery to stock up on ingredients and all your cooking needs.

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Sauces & Spreads

Are you creating an Italian feast, but just need that stunning finishing touch? Rather than flipping through all of your old Italian cookbooks, let Doris’ help. We have a delectable selection of spreads and sauces to complement and complete your feast. Whether you’re looking for a light olive oil and herb bread dip or a thick warm ricotta cheese spread, find our favorites here.

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Italian Pasta Recipes

Ahh pasta – could Italians live without it? We can’t even bear the thought! Whether you’re rolling out your own fresh noodles or indulging in one of our gourmet dried pasta selections, these recipes are sure to please. From a classic spaghetti and meatballs, to cheesy tortellini, to the delectable fettuccine alfredo, Doris’ has the very best Italian pasta recipes for the entire family to enjoy.

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Italian Pizza Recipes

It’s hard to imagine a person who doesn’t enjoy an authentic Italian pizza. With warm, soft bread, natural tomato sauce, hot cheese and fresh toppings, Doris’ Italian Market & Bakery has all the delicious ingredients you need to create your perfect pizza pie. Get cooking in your cucina tonight with these classic and creative recipes for everyone’s favorite dish – piping hot pizza!