Italian Christmas Cookies: What to Leave for Santa

Santa, or St. Nicholas as the holiday icon is known in Italy, deserves a sweet treat for all of the work that he does! Outside of pasta dishes, Italy is also known for its famous cookies. If you want to treat Santa and your family to something special this year, consider baking up some of these delectable cookies!



Pizzelles are a well-known Italian cookie. These must be baked on a pizzelle baker iron, which is very similar to a waffle iron. Doris Italian Market has two varieties of these in our online store here! These are not overly sweet and are crispier than a standard cookie, but they are just as delicious.


Chocolate Amaretti

These cookies can be likened to little brownie bites. They are very rich and delightfully chewy. Though chocolate is the main flavor, you’ll also get a hint of almond from the almond flour or paste used in recipes.


Fruit N Nuts

A healthier cookie option, fruit n nuts are exactly what they sound like: a cookie filled with an assortment of fruity, nutty bits of your choosing. They also have a chocolate coating on one side, so you’ll still get to indulge.



Perhaps one of the most famous Italian cookies, biscotti is a twice-baked cookie. By baking the cookie twice, you’ll enjoy a nice snap on the outside and a soft center. Almond, chocolate, and hazelnut are common flavors, and many choose to nibble on biscotti with a nice cup of coffee.


Italian Horn Cookies

Horn cookies look fairly similar to a small cannoli with jelly filling nearly oozing out of the ends. After they have baked and cooled, you can sweeten them up a bit with a sprinkle of powdered sugar. These are dainty treats that still pack a flavorful, sweet punch.


Doris Italian Market is your one-stop-shop for all things Italian. Before you get to baking, make sure that you have everything you need by visiting us today.

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