Top 5 Reasons You Should Be Cooking with Friends

Remember how your grandparents used to have people over for dinner without ordering pizza or Thai food? Friends and family would gather to socialize and  show off their cooking and hosting skills.

Yeah, that used to be a thing. Now it seems we can’t get together without going out or ordering in. But we are on a mission to get friends together at home and in the kitchen.

Here are our Top 5 Reasons You Should Be Cooking with Friends:

1. It’s a budget-friendly activity.

Let’s face it, when your friends inevitably call to find out what you’re doing this weekend, it probably means hitting the latest bar or going to a concert, i.e. spending lots of money. Preparing a meal together means everyone can chip in $10 or less for groceries.

2. You can keep it healthy.

We don’t know how they pack so many calories into restaurant meals, we just know that meals made at home don’t have to be served up with so much sugar, salt, and fat. You can also control how much food goes onto your plate.

3. You’re real personalities come out.

Do you really know how funny and witty your friends can be over the beat of house music? Cooking and eating together leaves space for some good old fashioned conversation. We promise you’ll find out things you never knew before.

4. Bragging rights on Instagram (or Pinterest).

Let’s be real, it’s been a year since you took a photo on top of a mountain and let everyone know how adventurous you are. Since then, it’s been pic after pic of dinners out, sunrises, and your dog. Not to knock our beautiful South Florida sunrises (or your adorable pup), but posting a pic of a meal made by the hands of you and your friends is bound to stick out.

5. Discover your inner chef.

Cooking shows, blogs, and books are more popular than ever–but how many people are actually taking the time to hone this once prerequisite survival skill? The more you make dinner night a thing with your friends, the better you’ll get–and you might just uncover a passion you didn’t know you had.

More than any of these reasons, it’s just plain fun to get together, laugh, and share something that you created together. We hope you all have fun!

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