The Holiday Season Has Arrived

Our turkeys have been stuffed, we’ve celebrated a time to be thankful and now tinsel, wreaths and garland started to make their way onto our banisters and front doors. It is official– the holiday season has arrived! December is a busy time at Doris Italian Market and our staff and bakery, is working at full steam to prepare and provide all of your holiday needs for this year. Whether you’re planning large family parties or small get-togethers, we’re ready to help you deck the halls with tons of traditional Italian sweets from pastries to cookies and tons of imported chocolate goodies that make excellent gifts and also make dessert time something everyone will look forward to.

At Doris Market, the holidays aren’t complete without some key traditional sweets that Italians back in the motherland, as well as here in The States, have grown up with for many generations. We know that Panettone, Torrone and boxes of luxurious chocolates are the first items to fly off the shelves so we are stocked up and ready to make sure you and your family continue these tasty traditions for another year, and more to come.

Stock up on an assortment of scrumptious imported chocolates from Perguina, Bellino, Ferrara, Motta and Bauli in beautiful traditional packaging that make great gifts for when you’re toasting the hosts of the many jovial and exciting parties that come around this time of year.

Panettone and Pandoro are a staple among Italian homes and if you’ve never given either of these imported sweet dessert breads a try, you simply must! Pannetone is an Italian version of fruitcake with a soft and delicate bunt filled with candied and dried fruit inside and sprinkled lightly with powdered sugar. Similarly, Pandoro has the same gentle sweet bread flavor but is without dried fruit and equally delicious. These imported Italian breads are typically served with coffee but have been known to adorn breakfast tables with jam, Nutella and some even use it as a base for gourmet French toast!

Torrone is one of the most recognizable holiday treats among various different cultures and we’ve got both hard and soft varieties here at Doris from brands like Bellino and Ferrara as well as our very own bakery-made torrone that you can buy by the pound!

torrone doris.jpg - Latest 02/Dec/15 8:47 AM - Becky VanBeekom

If that doesn’t get your mouth watering then our in-house stufoli certainly will. Our strufoli balls are baked and made with ingredients like honey, Jordan almond candies, dried maraschino cherries and non pareil sprinkles. They are a must-have for your dessert spread this holiday season and we’re working extra hard to make sure we have them freshly stocked through the month of December.

strufoli 1.jpg - Latest 02/Dec/15 8:47 AM - Becky VanBeekom strufoli 2.jpg - Latest 02/Dec/15 8:47 AM - Becky VanBeekom

Along with our handmade strufoli and torrone, take a glance at all the other delightful bakery-fresh goods we have on display like our pizza rustica pie filled with savory ham, salami, pepperoni, prosciutto, capicola, provolone and ricotta cheeses. Traditional Italian wheat pie made with ricotta filling and dried citron is a great delicacy to put on your table around the holidays as well as Italian cheese pies made with ricotta and pieces of tutti frutti. We have all of your other favorite Italian pastries, cookies and cakes, too! Our bakery is ready to take your orders now, so don’t wait to place yours!

Doris Italian Market will be closed on Christmas day, but open on Christmas Eve so make sure all of your desserts are arranged to be picked up in time for your holiday festivities.

Everyone at Doris Italian Market wishes our clients and customers a Happy Holiday, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and hopes that everyone can share this wonderful time with their families, friends and loved ones surrounded with lots of laughs, love and great food and drinks.

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