5 Cheeses to Try in 2022

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There are many goals and resolutions you can choose to pursue in the new year like learning a new language, focusing on health or reading a new book every month—why not add discovering new cheeses to the list?

If you want to savor every moment this year, consider that time is never wasted when exploring the wonderful world of cheese. So, we’ve gathered a list of cheese to try if you haven’t already.

1. Alpine-Style Cheese

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While we don't have to worry about the snow in South Florida, we can still enjoy this mountain-style cheese aged and prepared to make a long, hard winter more delicious. It pairs well with Belgian ales and wines like cabernet sauvignon.

Try this recipe from Wisconsin Cheese: Fromagination's Wisconsin Fondue 

2. Brillat-Savarin

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If you love cheeses like brie, chances are you will fall in love with its cousin Brillat-Savarin. This is a triple-cream cheese with around 75% butterfat that has a light texture with rich flavor. Like brie, it is delightful on a baguette, but it really shines with a glass of prosecco or champagne.

Try this recipe from Food & Wine:  Triple-Cream Mashed Potatoes 

3. Halloumi

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This semi-hard, unripened Greek cheese is perfect for grilling or frying. It's typically made from a combination of milks either from goats, sheep or cows. It can serve as a protein on salads and pairs well with a variety of fruits and nuts.

Try this recipe from The Food Network: Crispy Halloumi Cheese with Dates, Walnuts and Apples

4. Havarti

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You have probably had Havarti cheese on a sandwich, but we encourage you to take this popular variety to new flavorful heights this year. The mild cheese has a slight tang and is great for melting. It will upgrade your grilled cheese and is perfect for making creamy, cheese sauces.

Try this recipe from The Spruce Eats: Chicken with Havarti Dill Cheese sauce

5. Wisconsin Brick Cheese

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Wisconsin is known as the heart of the American cheese industry, and they are producing a wide variety of cheeses. If you’ve ever had Detroit-style pizza, you’ve probably had Wisconsin Brick Cheese which is typically used. It’s smooth, semi-soft and pairs well with just about anything due to its mild, nutty flavor. Like any cheese, it develops a stronger flavor as it ages.

Try this recipe from Wisconsin Cheese: Wisconsin-style French Onion Soup

On your next visit to Doris Market, stop by the cheese counter so we can help you along in your cheesy adventure.

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