Back to school: Gourmet ideas for your kid’s lunch

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August is here, and that means back to school is just around the corner. Whether you’re homeschooling or the kids are headed back to the classroom, here are few ideas to add a gourmet touch to lunchtime.

Get creative with presentation

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Even if the food is great, the presentation can make all the difference in how it’s experienced by creating anticipation for what you are about to enjoy.  Making your kid excited for lunch can be as simple as presenting their food in a way that is fun. Grab your cookie cutters to transform their usual PB&J into something extraordinary.

Cut some fruits or veggies into different shapes and arrange them on skewers for a cute, colorful and healthy treat. Design a food-filled scene using the items in your kid’s lunch — pretend their dino nuggets are real-life dinosaurs in a broccoli-tree forest, or maybe the inside of their lunchbox is a garden of rolled-up deli-meat roses with celery stems.

Try different cuisines

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Lunchtime can be fun and a learning experience at the same time by introduce a range of cuisines and international food items. This can be particularly fun if your kid is working on a lesson related to another country or region because you gives you both a chance to try a food that can help bring the lesson to life.

Japanese Soba noodles make a perfect lunch item because they can be served cold. Likewise, Middle Eastern foods like falafel, hummus or meat kabobs can be enjoyed hot or cold. 

Opt for deconstructed dishes

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If your little one is getting tired of sandwiches for lunch every day, add some variety to their meal by opting for some deconstructed dishes.  Think of them as entry-level charcuterie platters. This can make lunch easy at home where the kids can grab what they want from the tray, or you can pack the items in their lunch box.

For that kid-friendly charcuterie, pack some gourmet meats like salami along with Manchego cheese, crackers, fruits and almonds. If they love tacos, try packing shredded cheese, diced tomatoes, lettuce, tortillas and their favorite ground meat for tacos your kid can assemble at the lunch table.

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