Celebrate National Wine & Cheese Day!

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What Pairings Will You Choose?

Holidays usually give us a chance to celebrate with delicious food and drinks, and National Wine and Cheese Day is no different! But if you’re not sure which wines pair well with your favorite cheeses or vice-versa, you can’t make the most of this indulgent occasion. Here at Doris Italian Market, we’re proud to say we know our wines and our cheeses. Let us show you some of our most popular pairings just in time for this national holiday!

Cabernet Sauvignon & Brie

As a dry red wine that’s best served with food due to its overwhelming flavor, Cabernet Sauvignon pairs well with cheeses that have a soft texture and a mild, buttery taste to  balance it out. Brie is a perfect example, as it’s made with incredibly rich milk and can be melted to spread on bread or crackers for a gooey, delicious treat.

Zinfandel & Pepperjack

Looking for some spice? A popular dry red wine, Zinfandel boasts a medium to a full-bodied flavor that has hints of dark jam and black pepper. Due to its fruity and spicy nature, it pairs well with bold cheeses, such as pepper jack, as well as with jalapeño or hot Buffalo cheese blends.

Moscato & Muenster

If you’re a sweet and fruity wine lover, Moscato is your pour of choice. It’s a light-bodied, off-dry white wine that can have notes of orange blossom and lemon zest. Muenster cheese is made from cow’s milk and has a smooth, mellow taste. It’s perfect for grilled cheese since it melts like a dream! Put these two together for a sweet and satisfying pairing.

Riesling & Sharp Cheddar

With aromatic flavors, Riesling is a white wine full of crisp, fruity taste. It’s also high in acidity, making it an ideal match for bold cheeses, like sharp cheddar. Whether you prefer to slice up the cheese on its own or add it to a recipe, make sure you have a bottle of Riesling to go with it!

Now that you’re a wine and cheese pairing expert, make sure you visit Doris Italian Market to find your favorite wines and cheeses all in one place. If you’re still not sure what to enjoy on National Wine and Cheese Day, feel free to ask any of our friendly associates for help!

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