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Brunch Ideas for Your Favorite Midday Meal

Sometimes it’s too late for breakfast, but it’s also too early for lunch. That’s the beauty of brunch: you can have the best of both meals in one! Brunch has become a popular meal choice in America due to its relaxed and inviting nature. There’s no set time when brunch should be served, and it’s mostly enjoyed on the weekends – typically the most laid-back days of the week!

If you’re thinking about hosting a brunch of your own, there are so many possibilities for your menu. We’ve gathered perhaps the easiest and most widely appreciated brunch items for you to consider. Remember, you can always shop with us at Doris Italian Market for all the ingredients you need to whip up a brunch menu that’s sure to please.

Get Things Started with Starches

Sweet breakfast foods, like pancakes, waffles, and French toast, are sure to please any crowd at brunch. These starchy favorites don’t have to be mounded with butter and syrup; they can be topped with anything you’d like! Try adding some Greek yogurt with honey and blueberries to the top of your French toast or give your waffles a hearty twist with fried egg, avocado, and pico de gallo. The choices are nearly endless!

Eggs-actly What You Had in Mind

Since eggs are such a versatile food on their own, they can perfectly fit into your brunch plans. Eggs Benedict is always a crowd pleaser, with poached eggs, English muffins,  anadian bacon, and hollandaise sauce. An egg frittata filled with all your favorite cooked veggies and breakfast meats can be cooked in a skillet and serve a crowd.

Don’t Forget the Bubbly!

If you’re hosting an adults-only brunch, a bottle of champagne (or two!) can be the sparkling final touch to your meal. Combine it with fresh orange juice, and you have yourself a famed mimosa. Add some fresh berries or other fruit for a refreshing take on this favorite brunch beverage.

If brunch is calling your name, don’t look any further than Doris Italian Market for all your ingredients! We have the best selection of fresh produce, deli, and dairy products, and we always have champagne and wine specials for you to take advantage of. Visit us today to make your next brunch one to remember!

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