Extra Special Barbecue Ideas for Labor Day

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If you’ve spent any time cooking on a grill, you probably already have your grilling techniques down for burgers, hot dogs, and maybe even chicken breasts. When it comes to finding something that’s appealing to a large group or picky eaters, you may have to get creative.

Once you have your main dishes picked out and ready to go for Labor Day, be sure to remember the side dishes, vegetarian options, and healthy items to make your celebration a success! Here are a few ideas to get you started:

A Healthy Twist

We love Chris Morocco’s barbecue sauce recipe for Bon Appetit magazine. While most store-bought barbeque sauces include an inordinate amount of sugar, this recipe depends on maple syrup for sweetness, along with a host of other savory flavors like Sriracha, garlic, and soy sauce to set it apart. The only downside? Nobody will believe it’s healthier.

All the Fixings

An easy way to plan for side dishes is to pick out recipes that have similar ingredients so you don’t need to buy different items for each dish! Traditional barbecue side dishes include potato salad, pasta salad, and cornbread, but there are hundreds of side dishes to choose from. Check out this article from Delish for more ideas.

Don’t Forget the Vegans

We all know someone who’s vegan or vegetarian, and it’s only polite to ensure there’s something for them to eat if you invite them for a meal. Bean or mushroom burgers go great on the grill and buying vegan baked beans will make sure everyone gets something to enjoy. Just make sure there’s at least one thing on the grill that’s completely meat-free!

When in Doubt, Kabob it Out!

Shish kabobs are the perfect way to give everyone what they want. Cube and marinate the meat, cut and season the veggies, and assemble the kabobs! The skewers are perfect for when you don’t have enough table space to set everything out or when people want to stand and chat while they eat.

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