How to Impress Your Valentine

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Make A Special Someone Feel That Way

Amore is in the air. Most of us wait until a few days before the big day and scramble to pull together an evening that makes our Valentine swoon–or at least keeps them from complaining for years to come. While we don’t think anyone should feel obligated to pull out all the stops on February 14, we do think it’s important to show the ones we love that we appreciate them.

So, whether you embrace the holiday or not, we hope you use our ideas to share your love any time of year.

Pay Attention
Making someone feel special is about paying attention to the little (and big) things they want and need. If the object of your affection is always stressed out and has a hard time relaxing, you can buy them a massage or give them one yourself.  Try to think of the little details and characteristics that make your loved one who they are. Do they love the beach? Put together a picnic by the sea, bring along some battery operated candles, and a nice bottle of wine. Is their favorite color blue? Plan the little details from the color of the card to the wrapping of their present to match. Do they always recount the tale of family campouts when they were a child? Plan an impromptu campout getaway or set up a tent in your own backyard and set up the fire with hot dogs and s’mores.


D.I.Y. It
There is nothing more meaningful than a thoughtful gift made with your own two hands. Put your hobbies and special skills to good use—and you don’t have to be a master carpenter or Picasso. Open up your smart phone and find your favorite pic of the two of you and have it printed on canvas and framed. If you have a knack for the culinary arts, get into the kitchen and make a batch of your sweetheart’s favorite chili.  If you are feeling extra crafty, get out the twine, paper, and pressed flowers and make a one-of-a-kind card.


Skip the Reservations
We will admit that our last reccommendation is a bit biased if you admit that making reservations during a holiday can be a huge headache. Finding a babysitter and dealing with crowds are not exactly romantic. Our idea of a special Valentine’s Day is one that you share with someone you love, doing something that you love. For us, that’s cooking. We can’t image anything more romantic than having a meal cooked for us—well maybe it’s cooking one together.

Planning together can be fun, and there are no limitations on what your special meal can be. It’s what makes the two of you happy.


Buon appetito
Buon appetito


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