Ideas for a Deliciously Stunning Thanksgiving Table

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Food offers elegant, affordable, & practical table decor.

There are so many reasons to love the season. Gathering of family, foods we’ve been exercising all year for, and the chance to prove our hosting bona fides. Between ordering the turkey and organizing sleeping arrangements, it’s easy to forget about the little details that kick up your holiday game a few notches.

We’ve put together a few of our favorite tips that require nothing more than a trip to the grocery store (and maybe looking through the closet for grandma’s cake stand).
Yes, you can mix fruits and florals.


If it can be done with stripes and paisley, it can be done with apples, roses, and pomegranates. We love this warm arrangement that hints at Christmas with varying hues of red and green.
Elevated tastes.

There is a reason Nonna, Yaya, and Abuelita had so many things to put stuff on…. it’s pretty! Cake stands, bowls, and tiered serving trays tell the world, “I made this, and you should see it.”

It doesn’t just have to be for dessert either. Prop up any dish you want to make easier to reach. Put out appetizers and hors d’oeuvres on a tiered tray, and your guests will feel like royalty.
Enjoy Autumn’s Bounty.

Squash, pumpkin, gourds, apples, pears, and persimmons pair well well with unscented candles, sprigs of pine, and walnuts. When dinner is over, you can use the the fruits and veggies to make soups and spreads to can, freeze, or eat later.
Herbs aren’t just for the stuffing.

Whether you have been tending your potted herb garden all summer or just like picking them up at the grocery store when you want to feel fancy, you can use rosemary, oregano, and sage to add a little something special.

We like the idea of having a sprig of  rosemary waiting for your guests at their seat. It’s a fragrant flourish that complements the scents coming from the kitchen.
Fall Collection.
When we cater events, we set up the food in organized groupings. There is something pleasing about seeing things displayed in such a fashion.

Try it out with mini desserts, appetizers, or sides in small stoneware crock dishes.

Picking up a tray of prepared desserts, sweets, and petit fours makes holiday dessert easy and provides variety to suit everyone’s taste.

Set them out on your heirloom serving dishes with your favorite symbols of the season.

Keeping it simple.

Thanksgiving can be overwhelming. So many people, so many dishes, so little time. You can make a big impact by keeping it simple. Playing with tone on tone whites contrasted by dark natural neutrals.

A collection of white mini pumpkins can serve as a centerpiece or place cards at the dinner table. Throw in some acorns, an autumn leaf, and some candles–and voila! You’ve presented an elegant, easy, and welcoming table.



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