Mother’s Day: Don’t Forget the Flowers (and More Tips for a Special Day)

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This year, Mother’s Day occurs during an uncertain time. Whether you’re able to be with your mom (or important mom figures in your life), you can still create a special, memorable celebration. Here are a few tips for creating a great Mother’s Day on May 9. Check Your Connections The first step to any celebration is to set a time to get together. Mom may be in the same house with you, but there may be some more mothers you want to reach out to that day. You can go with an old fashioned phone call or a video conference call. Get some time on the calendar now and make sure everyone knows how to use the same technology. Make a Virtual Toast 2 Create a shared experience with everyone who loves Mom by hosting a virtual toast with Mom’s favorite brunch cocktail included. Schedule a video call, share the recipe, and set an order in which everyone makes their toast to Mom one at a time. Extra Mile Pro Tip: Order mini bottles of prosecco, Moscato, fruit juice or whatever the recipe requires and send the brunch cocktail packages to everyone who RSVPs to the event. Breakfast in Bed Delivered to Her Door 3 Giving mom the day off complete with breakfast service is a time-honored Mother’s Day tradition. Social distancing doesn’t mean you can’t do it again this year. Build your menu around foods that travel and reheat well, like charcuterie platters, pastries and fresh fruit. Instead of eggs over easy, try one of these recipes for quiche or frittata from Delish. If cooking isn’t an option, pick up some prepared breakfast foods, arrange them nicely in a box or basket and give Mom a call when you’ve dropped it off. Extra Mile Pro Tip: Give Mom the entire day off by sending her prepared meals for the whole day. Focus on Her Favorites 4 The key to making anyone feel special is to show them you’ve been paying attention. Does mom rave about pistachio biscotti? Make sure she gets some, along with a pound of her favorite coffee or tea. Does she love tiramisu? Try this tiramisu flavored baked French toast from Floating Kitchen or pick up an entire tiramisu cake from the Doris Bakery. Extra Mile Pro Tip: Create a custom gift basket with all of Mom’s favorite sweet and savory things, from cheese and imported meats to treats that evoke memories of childhood. Don’t Forget the Flowers 5 Handpicked from the garden, picked up from the local market or ordered from a florist, flowers add an extra touch to any occasion. If your mom is traditional, a dozen roses in her preferred color will never fail to delight. But don’t look past the blooms that may have a special meaning for Mom. Do hydrangeas remind her of being in her mother’s garden? Did Dad bring her tulips when they first started dating? Maybe sunflowers just make her smile. Don’t worry if you can’t come up with something that seems super significant. It’s the thought that counts. Extra Mile Pro Tip: If Mom is spending a lot more time indoors, consider gifting an indoor floral potted plant for a lasting impression. If Mom isn’t big on florals, maybe an indoor herb garden will brighten her day. There are many ways to show Mom how much she means to you, but the most important part is that it comes from the heart. Buon appetito

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  1. A Mother’s day early dinner: a delicious prime ribeye steak dinner with a baked sweet potato and steamed brussel sprouts. A chilled mix salad and a cannolli for dessert. Chilled Sangria to drink with family.

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