Fourth of July Food Festivities

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Over 160 million Americans plan to grill and barbeque to celebrate the Fourth of July according to U.S. News. That’s around 68 percent of the country! Chances are that and your family are getting ready to pull out the grill and have your own backyard bash or laid-back picnic. Whether your gathering is small or large, Doris Italian Market has everything you need to check off your shopping list.

Burgers, steaks, hot dogs, and chicken are some of the most popular items on the Fourth of July menu. We’ll give you some ideas on how to liven up these classic foods and give you cooking tips to keep everything tasting great!


The secret to the ultimate juicy burger is all in the meat-to-fat ratio. 80/20 seem to be the magic numbers, so if you are making your burgers from scratch, look for this ratio on chuck beef packaging. You’ll also want to make sure that you add plenty of your preferred seasonings, but don’t add that pinch of salt until you have formed your patties. If you salt too early, your burgers will become very dense. You can always buy our handmade chuck or brisket patties too!


Doris Italian Market prides itself on its steak selection. We have USDA Prime cuts of flank, sirloin and sirloin kabobs, and hanger steaks, as well as USDA Choice beef butt tenderloins and filets. Prime cuts are guaranteed to produce restaurant-quality meals when prepared correctly, as they have the highest degree of marbling for juicier, more tender steaks. Choice selections are also fine products, with the differences being less marbling in the steak. However, you can trust a Choice cut to still have the juicy, melt-in-your-mouth quality. The marinade makes the steak, so make sure to look through our sauce section! You’ll find everything from tropical pepper mango coconut pepper sauce to teriyaki marinade.

Hot Dogs

Millions upon millions of hot dogs are consumed just on the Fourth of July alone! However, there are some who find hot dogs too simple. Hot dogs are really just a blank canvas for you to fill and load with toppings and flavors. Check out this article from HuffPost to see some truly surprising hot dog creations!


Chicken is another very versatile meat that you can actually make taste different each time you eat it. Honey glazes, teriyaki seasoning, pineapple marinades, and chili-lime sauces can all add unique flare to this classic. Of course, standard barbeque has never failed to deliver on flavor, either! Whatever you decide, make sure you grab any chicken breasts, legs, wings, or cutlets from our marketplace.

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