Italian Christmas Baking

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Is there anything better than sweets and desserts during the holiday season? No matter how you celebrate the holidays there should always be room for pies, cookies and other delectable treats. Below are a few of our favorite baked goods for the Christmas season that you are sure to enjoy!

Puff Cookies
Puff cookies, also known as genetti, have been one of the most popular types of Italian cookies baked during the holidays for years. They are easy to make, and different ingredients can be added depending on what you enjoy. Simply roll the dough into a ball (or crescent shape if you prefer) add sugar and voilà, you will have a delicious treat in no time. For those who enjoy pecans, they can be added as well.

Biscotti is a staple of most Italian Christmases and is one of our absolute favorites. These are a perfect treat when you have a sweet tooth and they go great with coffee as well. Whether it is fig and pistachio or a traditional anise flavor, these have a distinctive taste and texture that will be a hit at your Christmas party. There are many different biscotti recipes available online and they are quite simple to make. Just create a log once you have properly mixed the ingredients, bake it and then slice it up for your party to enjoy!

Pizzelle are an Italian waffle cookie that are great for the holiday season. Depending on your preference, they can be baked to be hard and crunchy or soft and chewy. They are made with a pizzelle iron (similar to a waffle maker) and can be made with traditional anise, vanilla, almond, lemon, chocolate and more. The options are nearly endless and since they are so easy to make, why not make several flavors for your family and friends to enjoy?

We hope you give these baked goods a try this holiday season and ask that you stop in and see us for all the ingredients you may need. It will be our pleasure to assist, happy baking!

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