Festa Della Mamma!

The second Sunday in May is a very special day celebrated in both the US and Italy, Mother’s day! The first things that come to mind are fresh cut spring flowers, brunch and heartfelt cards met with happy tears and hugs. While some families spend this day in traditional ways with the special mothers in their lives, we want to share the way some Italians around the globe celebrate this holiday.

For Italians, Mother’s Day is one of the most important holidays of the year. It’s a time when the entire family comes together, no matter where they live in order to spend time with their mothers or in remembrance of them. Culturally, mothers are the stronghold of the family in the majority of Italian households. They are often dominant figures whether working inside or outside of the home and are typically in charge of all things domestic. The holiday, itself, can be traced back to ancient Roman culture when an entire weekend in May was spent celebrating the goddess Juno, whose name means “vital force” and was the goddess of marriage and motherhood. May was also the time for weddings to be held, during Juno’s month, to promote healthy marriage and fertility and the tradition still holds true today!

While Mother’s Day is very special, Italians still keep it fairly simple as the most important part of the holiday is to actually spend time with your family. Coming together to eat, drink and share memories around the table is often supplemented with cards, poems or thoughtful gifts as well. Also, on this day mamma gets to rest and a break from the kitchen while her children serve her meals and make sure she is looked after.

While it’s popular for many to take their mothers out to fancy restaurants on this holiday, each Mother’s Day morning is usually spent indulging mamma with her favorite fresh pastries and freshly brewed coffee. Lunch or dinner are always rounded off with a delicious cake, usually in the shape of a heart, most popular being Italian cheesecake and a side of liqueur coffee.

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Make sure to get in touch with our bakery for all of your dessert needs, too! We have a variety of cakes and assorted Italian pastries that you can order ahead of time to make sure there is something for everyone at the table. Also, for Mother’s Day we will have tiramisu cake on sale. This traditional Italian dessert is always a crowd pleaser. Don’t forget to pick up a bottle of prosecco for a sweet Mother’s Day toast with dinner or brunch mimosas made with a splash of orange or cranberry. Ask any of our friendly staff if you need help with food pairings or ideas on how to make a special meal for mamma this coming holiday.

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