The Best Pairings For Your Spring Picnic

DORIS HEADER BLOG Image licensed under Shutterstock

Cooler weather calls for outdoor picnics, providing a refreshing break from the Florida heat. Beyond just delicious food, picnics offer a chance to connect with nature, breathe in the crisp air, and spend time with family or friends. Use this blog post as your guide to discovering the best picnic pairings that will elevate your experience.

Caprese Skewers + Lemonade
The vibrant and fresh flavors of the caprese skewers blend with the sweet notes of lemonade, creating a perfect balance of savory and refreshing.

Fresh Vegetables + Cucumber Basil Cooler
The lightness of cucumber combined with the freshness of basil provides a complementary background to the crisp texture and natural flavors of assorted fresh vegetables.

Mediterranean Pasta Salad + Sparkling Wine
The vibrant flavors of the pasta salad mix with the effervescence of the sparkling wine, creating a palate-pleasing blend of tastes and textures.

Berries + Iced Tea
The vibrant sweetness of fresh berries pair with the cool, brisk notes of iced tea, creating a refreshing balance of flavors.

Meats and Cheeses + Red Wine
The rich and complex flavors of red wine complement the savory notes of the meats and cheeses, offering diverse textures and profiles.

Whether you're headed to the beach or the park this season, stop by your local Doris on the way to pick up the best picnic pairings.